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to continue.... - Livin' the Good Life

Apr. 17th, 2011

06:44 pm - to continue....

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I find so much enjoyment in small and subtle things. For example, the owner of the club we play at also runs the soundboard for our band. She knows our music so well that if someone makes a mistake or does something different, she looks up. And she usually looks directly at me. And we smile. I find that really amusing. If I forget to come in on a chorus or am too busy fooling around onstage, she looks at me. If ANYONE forgets ANYTHING, she looks at me. I love that knowing exchange. Also, our mandolin player, who is very shy and retiring offstage, is surprisingly fun and flirty onstage. I love the look he gives me when he wants me to remember something or his huge grin when he's happy with our harmonies. Sometimes we laugh together at funny things that happen that no one else picks up on. Steve is so busy leading the band that he doesn't notice a lot of things that happen onstage. But he does have his sidelong "looks". He has the "I'm sorry" look. He has the "Where were you?" look. There's the "I'm trying my best" look. And the "get off my back" look. There's also the adoring look, that I love so much. He says very sweet things about me onstage that melt my heart. Oh, there are lots of reasons to keep singin'!