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Soulemama - Livin' the Good Life

May. 17th, 2011

09:42 am - Soulemama

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Just want to say, I'm in love with Soulemama. Let me explain. Soulemama is a blog that I visit every day without fail. (The author's name is Amanda Soule, and she wrote the book THE CREATIVE FAMILY) This mother, wife, author, photographer, and knitter/seamstress extraordinare is the most inspiring person to me! I just love, love, love her life! At least, the life she portrays on her blog. It reminds me of my past life a little bit, only she gets a WHOLE lot more done than I ever did. (She must have 10 times the energy and organizational skills that I ever had.) I love how artistically she shares the everyday pleasures of life as a mother, wife and creative homemaker. I can't imagine her ever, ever being bored or lonely. She is the most wonderful example of "motherhood bliss" that I can think of. She seems to love homemaking more than anything, and that's inspiring in this day and age. She has a knack for sharing all the good stuff, and some of the hard stuff, in the most appealing way. Did I say I love it? Oh yes, sorry. She is about to have another baby, and I check every day to see if it has happened yet. I really CARE, and I've never even met her or talked to her. And based on the number of comments at the end of each entry (usually in the hundreds), a lot of other people care as much as I do. Check it out:

PS. I think Soulemama supports her blogging habit by promoting other home business that she approves of. So there is a lot of that on her blog. Also, her husband, Soulepapa, writes occasionally, and his entries are delightful and touching. He's sensitive and perceptive and lovingly hands-on as a dad, while definitely being the "manly man" of the family. An appealing combination, to be sure. For more about the intent behind the blog, read this: