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What Does "Grandmother" Look Like? - Livin' the Good Life

Jul. 18th, 2011

06:04 pm - What Does "Grandmother" Look Like?

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When I first learned the news I was going to be a grandmother, I was ecstatic! I think the idea of getting to fall in love with a grandchild appealed to me so much because I could finally experience that much-coveted relationship that all my friends who were grandmothers kept raving about. I thought long and hard over the course of the pregnancy about what my role would look like. Surely it wouldn’t look just like my parenting role had been for those 33 years! At my age, that sounded like too much hard work and weighty responsibility. I looked forward to relinquishing that job into the capable hands of the next generation. And when it comes to my sons and their wonderful wives, I had no doubt they would all do a superb job of bringing up our grandchildren. (One should be so lucky to get born into their families.) I looked forward to watching them grow into parents and witnessing the maturing, broadening, and deepening that would inevitably occur. I wanted to hold their hands as they grappled with the many difficult decisions and transitions they would face. I wanted to cheer them on as they experienced the ups and downs of parenting and rejoice with them over the incredibly beautiful fruits of their labor and devotion. The whole thing is so holy and sacred, that it brings tears to my eyes. I dare not try to step in or direct in any way. I had my turn. Many times over! It’s their turn now, and I respect and honor them as the torch is passed.

So then, what WILL my role be? I simply just want to play and have fun with my grandchildren. And I intend to do that with gusto! I will patiently wait till my first grandchild is old enough to reach for me when he sees me, and that will be my signal! I hope to remain a regular presence in his life so he is always comfortable with me and won’t mind me holding him or tending him. But, when he begins to CHOOSE to be with me (“I want to go to Nana Honey!”) well, that’s when my “job” will really kick in. Until then, I will respectfully stand on the sidelines and cheer.