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"Berries Blue" - Livin' the Good Life

Aug. 3rd, 2011

08:52 am - "Berries Blue"

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I just cannot get over the beauty of Soulemama. Her blog makes my already-great-day decidedly brighter each morning. I experience an intensely pleasurable "remembering" of my own family life and an appreciation for how she captures it so perfectly in her photos and her writing. I must mention, too, that her husband is also an outstanding writer, and he contributes to the blog occasionally. The things he notices and appreciates just melt my heart.
Soulemama has a new book (THE RHYTHM OF FAMILY) coming out in about a week, which I will most definitely buy. I want to support her and her family any way I can. In my opinion, her blog does more good for the world of parenting than anything I can think of at the moment. It elevates the job of raising a family and "making a home" to a high art form. It demonstrates intention and beauty in the realm of parenthood (and creating a wonderful environment for that to happen) that moves me to the core. And it's FREE for the taking. I'm so touched.
Today's post, "Berries Blue" (August 3, 2011) is one example of the exquisite beauty I'm talking about: The simple story of the couple married for 63 years. The joy and contentment conveyed by the mere act of picking berries and then the dreaming of all the scrumptious nourishment the berries will provide later in the dead of winter. And the photos!! I can't stop smiling.