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I Love My Job! - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 12th, 2011

12:26 pm - I Love My Job!

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It seems like my entire adult life has been about one thing: How to get, and stay, healthy. For me, the word “health” covers all aspects, which are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. So this is a huge, all-encompassing topic. When I first became interested in health as a teenager, I relied on my dad, who was very hip on the subject. He took me to my first chiropractor exam and treatments. There, I learned about nutrition from a new perspective. I was attempting to become well after many bouts with tonsillitis that were not being cured with antibiotics. I read everything I came across on health that was available in the late 60’s, and I attempted to change my diet and my awareness of health in general. When I had children, I was further mobilized to take the natural health route seriously. I sure wish I’d had the Internet during my child-raising years. I really needed the information that today is at the fingertips of anyone with a computer. In recent years, I have made up for lost time by researching daily on health topics. I find it incredibly fascinating! Wow! We are so fortunate to have all this information available. For someone who does not go the medical route, the Internet is indispensable for alternative information. Steve has been having health challenges recently, and I have been researching continuously to learn all I can about how to help him. Soon, my dad will be back with us. So I will have another person under my care in another week. This means cooking and preparing healthy meals for someone who is toothless. This means, making sure he has all the supplements to help him with his various physical complaints, and getting him to his appointments for eye, foot, prostate, and colon care. This means making sure he’s exercising and getting sun and getting intellectual stimulation, as well as social time. Steve, who is of course fully capable of doing everything for himself, still needs my interest and care, and we often brainstorm together on what to do and how to do it. Lately I’ve been juicing vegetables to increase our nutrient intake. My dad will benefit from this, as well, as juices go down very well for him. Speaking of juicing, we recently saw the documentary FAT, SICK, AND NEARLY DEAD. I highly recommend this! Very inspiring, even if you are healthy. All my work with moms, from pregnancy, to birth, to breastfeeding, to attachment parenting and homeschooling was motivated and fueled by my intense interest in holistic health and long-term well-being. And it doesn’t stop with children. My husband and my 92 year old father need care. We all need care our entire life. Considering the adage: Healer Heal Thyself, my biggest focus these days is on my own all-around health. That is the most challenging project of all. I’m so subjective about myself that I often find my health to be a mystery. But, the drive to solve the puzzle just makes me jump out of bed every morning with enthusiasm and zest! Oh boy, now what was it I was going to look up this morning??