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Apple Day Again! - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 22nd, 2011

12:06 am - Apple Day Again!

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Today was our annual "Apple Day at Darlene's". It's something I made up several years ago, and everyone seems to look forward to it. I know I do. And it's a LOT of work. I prepare for it for days. After the last guest left, and I'd washed my last dish and swept away the last of the crumbs, I fell onto my bed with a contented groan. After some rest, I began reviewing the day. Jeannie had stayed after the others left and we talked about how "things had gone" from the standpoint of the Waldorf ideal. How had things flowed? How were the transitions between activities? Was there a lot of waiting around? Which songs could we have sung to make things move along better? I realized that I needed some guidance on these fronts. Jeannie offered to help me make it better for next year. That sounded good to me. I'm grateful to her for her mentorship and interest in what I do.
But, later, something in me said, "Hey wait a minute. It actually 'went' very well!" Scene after scene of happy children's faces flashed before my eyes. That engaged look on their faces when I told them the story was worth a million dollars! I remembered little connections I had with each of the children at different points and how good that made me feel. Toby volunteerily climbed up in my lap for the very first time! Kay gave me that adorable face that pleaded with me to come play with her... and I, of course, couldn't resist. She used her very best manners, which gets me every time. Denney showed remarkable patience for a three year old, waiting for something I had promised him. And when I read him a story later, he did that thing he does of pointing out the same pictures, in the exact same way, saying the exact same things. We had to giggle about it. There was a palpably warm feeling between us. Zoe very much wanted my appreciation and approval of her little prairie girl outfit when she arrived, and we connected delightfully, eye-to-eye, on that one, as I'm a real sucker for that kind of thing... which she knows! And she gave me the SWEETEST hug when she left! Jonah listened so seriously to me, considering everything I said to him, and then we had a good laugh over some silly stuff. Such a dear child. I hope he felt my appreciation for him. Christian was using his smiliest face and his best charms to win me over on several occasions, and I appreciated his reaching out to me to the degree he did. That was something new for us. I noticed some real maturity in Anu that I hadn't seen before. I felt a wave of appreciation for her growing self. Forest demonstrated some mature social skills when he offered to help another kid who was getting discouraged. And he did it in such a nice way. I felt really proud of him.
I don't think I can tell you what the parents were doing during Apple Day. And I was too busy to see everything the kids did and said. But, I just remember this very tender feeling I had for them all. I love these kids. And I appreciate their parents for putting so very much love and time and intention into raising them.
So, yes, in looking back, things could have gone more smoothly on Apple Day this year. It could have been a lot more "Waldorf-y", which I do aspire to. But, it's really all just an excuse to get together with these kids and connect in a meaningful way. I love watching them grow...they're all getting so big! And I'm happy they want to come to my house each October to show some reverence for Autumn while we play around with apples.

apple day '11 001

apple day '11 002

So glad we planted this tree. It's turned out to be a real "kid-magnet".
apple day '11 003


Date:October 22nd, 2011 05:57 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed reading what you had to say about each individual child, and the special relationship you have with each of them. That tree would be every child's dream! Did you take any videos of that day?

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Date:October 22nd, 2011 07:43 pm (UTC)
No videos, GH, and I just felt lucky that Maya was taking stills.
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From:Jeannie R. Lee
Date:November 7th, 2011 03:15 am (UTC)
Christian and I had a blast with you at Apple Days! Thank you for putting so much energy into hosting such thoughtful and sweet events for our children.
We love you dearly for it.
Jeannie (and Christian)
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From:Jeannie R. Lee
Date:November 7th, 2011 04:01 am (UTC)
Wait, let me be more clear. I feel terribly that our discussion and brief review of the day would in any way make you question that the event had not gone well. We were ALL VISIBLY DELIGHTED!!! I loved being there and participating! Apple Days went great!
I'm going to call you tomorrow...
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