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Waiting - Livin' the Good Life — LiveJournal

Dec. 9th, 2011

09:24 pm - Waiting

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The most enjoyable thing about Christmas, for me, is waiting for it. All the ways I fill the time of waiting have become really pleasurable for me. I try to think about Christmas as a season, not as a day. It begins with Advent and ends around New Years Day. I spend an entire month decorating my home with care, stocking my cupboards and pantry with nourishing and yummy things, writing from my heart to loved ones, and putting, everywhere I look, pleasant and beautiful reminders of what this season means to me. I instinctively draw my family near... if not in physical presence, in memory and feelings. I naturally bring out the photos, the recordings, the videos... anything that taps that love I have, both deep down and very close to the surface, for my family. I spend time in introspection and contemplation.
I wonder about the Christmas story and its personal meaning for me. This year has been especially rich in that area. Christmas is not about the gifts for me anymore. The gifts have become a very minor part of Christmas. In fact, this year, at our family gathering, we've agreed that each person will receive only one gift. This was a welcome idea for all concerned. No one wanted Christmas to be about receiving "things". We all have plenty of things. What we all want is for our family to feel close and to spend some time together. To feel that familial "oneness" and comfortableness from years of shared history... and remember how fond we are of each other, in spite of (or even because of) the fact that things weren't always perfect.
Due to a winter cold I contracted last week, I've had a good deal of alone time lately, and it's been wonderful for my inner life. So quiet and peaceful (except for my noisy coughing, of course)... so warm and cozy in my footie-pajammas. I sit here with my hot cup of tea and feel grateful.
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