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"May Mrs. Sharp be of Assistance?" - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 11th, 2011

07:32 am - "May Mrs. Sharp be of Assistance?"

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I received a most beautiful and useful object the other day:
book stand 001
This is a hand-crafted, lovingly-made bookstand. I have always wanted a bookstand, but I never knew one existed that was as gorgeous as this! I imagine it will be used to display pictures, photos, books and cookbooks. I'm sure it will be in constant use. Here is my first use for it:
book stand 002
I bought this book 20 years ago when I was in the beginning stages of raising Ben. I found it both charming and inspiring. The author poses as a Victorian-era mother giving advice to other mothers about homemaking and raising a family in the context of celebrations of the yearly seasons, holidays and festivals. I found it comprehensive and helpful at a time when I was hungry for ideas about providing a Waldorf education at home. Mrs. Sharp takes a nurturing tone and shepherds her readers through difficulties of parenting and running a household by addressing common problems and then saying, "May Mrs. Sharp be of assistance?" Then she gives helpful tips on how to handle the difficulty calmly and lovingly. I don't know how this book would hit others, but for me it was perfect. I plan to keep it handy while Ollie grows.