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Missing Them... - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 24th, 2011

01:55 pm - Missing Them...

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Though our family is split up in different directions this Christmas, I still feel the warm glow of loving these people with all my heart. I carry them around with me when they aren't here and think about them all the time. What a treasure a family is. How lucky I am to be the matriarch of this fine bunch. It's a privilege and a responsibility I do not take lightly.

This year we will celebrate Christmas family-style on Thursday. That's when we can get the most number of our large group to converge. We will be missing Gabe... and I TRULY miss that guy! His deep passion and affectionate nature is an important element of our family dynamic, and it's very noticable to me when he's not here. We expect to see him in January, so that is some consolation. Nathen and Reanna will be making their way down from Vancouver over the next few days, and Ely and Christina will come from their various extended-family destinations... and then it will feel right again. This thing called marriage requires us all to expand and to share. I can only imagine it getting more so as the grandchildren start arriving. As you can guess, everyone wants to be with Oliver this Christmas! This year, anyway, it's our turn. He's parked in Joshua Tree with the Lesters. Next year, who knows? I already miss him!