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Look What Ollie Got! - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 30th, 2011

07:58 am - Look What Ollie Got!

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The newest addition to our playroom was baby-tested yesterday as the Lester family opened gifts at our belated Christmas gathering. Ollie's still too young to really enjoy this little "rocking dory" made by a retired boat-builder in Maine. But, I couldn't resist getting it. I hope this will be thoroughly enjoyed by him and all our future grandchildren. It's another one of those breathtaking "toys" that are high-quality, hand-crafted, and beautiful. And I do mean BEAUTIFUL! The maker claims it is an exact replica of the real dories he used to build. I'm so happy to support this man!
Do you think Ollie likes it?
ely and ollie and dory

I've seen the puzzled look on people's faces when they see the gorgeous handmade toys around our house and guess they are thinking, "How do they afford these? And why?" My answer to the wonderers is, I bought them mostly with money that I made as a childbirth teacher. I wanted to put the money I received from the young, hardworking parents, who I had become close with through my classes, back into their children by creating a lovely playroom for them to enjoy while visiting me. You see, my relationship with these parents did not end with the birth of their babies. They continued to come see me for years afterwards as I held meetings, study groups, and special events to support them along on their parenting journeys. I really care about them and their children. And I wanted to model the general ideal of surrounding a child with natural beauty and avoiding plastics. Getting away from plastics is tough these days! But, it can be done. My hope is that these playthings will not end up in landfills, because it will be obvious that they are too well-made and valuable to throw away. And, of COURSE, I had my future grandchildren in mind to pass these treasures along to. What fun!