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A Room Inside a Room - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 23rd, 2012

12:09 pm - A Room Inside a Room

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Spiritually, this has become an exciting time of year for me. In recent years, after Christmas, I get a burst of enthusiasm for embracing Jesus and what he means to me. A new book usually shows up at this time. This year, it's INTEGRAL CHRISTIANITY by Paul Smith. (Thank you, Damian!) I've felt a need for what I call a "prayer chamber" for a while now, and I just created one that is really filling the bill out of our children's old bunk bed. It's very cozy-feeling, and it gives me a sense of isolation and privacy in the midst of our now busy household. It sits in my "office" and is a welcome refuge for prayer and study at any time, day or night.
prayer chamber 003

In case you didn't notice, someone else is also enjoying my chamber. Here is a closer picture:
prayer chamber 005