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Darlene's Take on Politics These Days - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 19th, 2012

09:48 am - Darlene's Take on Politics These Days

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As usual, at this time of year, I am in a deep study of Jesus, his life and his mission. I get SO inspired reading about him and what the biblical scholars have to say about his life. And what they say is that, as a man, Jesus was, among other things, extremely political. He bravely challenged the politics of his day in a way that could, and did, get him killed. He was a champion of the poor and oppressed, NOT the rich and priveleged. He preached the supremacy of the kingdom of God, NOT the kingdom of Caesar. Saying this could get a person killed, and he knew it. In his world, in his day, Caesar was often called "Lord" and "Savior". Jesus openly challenged that title. In his day, poor people were poor because they "deserved" it. They were second-class citizens and had no rights. People who were ill or lame "deserved" it. Consequently, they were not helped. They were treated as outcasts, and they were destined to stay that way. Slavery was an accepted way of life. Hunger, devastating debt due to manipulations by the elite and powerful, with no hope of improving ones situation, was the picture of the everyday life of the poor... which were the 99%... most of the people. Sound familiar? So, I would surmise that if Jesus were alive today, he would be out there with the protesters. Not that he would be saying the same things. He had his own spiritual message. But, he would be out there because he was very much a proponant of a "just" world. The fact that he hung out with the poor and the marginalized got him into trouble with the Jews, his people, too.... so this was serious. He was regularly violating "purity laws" by eating with and associating with the "unclean". Jewish people were NOT allowed to do that. He even encouraged women to follow him. NOT ALLOWED. Jewish women were not permitted to leave their homes unescorted in those day. Jesus was in big-time trouble with both the government and his own people. And yet, he kept it up in the face of death. I admire that man for sticking to his convictions!

So, in today's political climate, I see a similar scenerio unfolding. Are we going to need another assassination to get people's attention? I hope not. I still like Obama very much... though I do not agree with all his policies, and knew I wouldn't from the beginning. I am not a Democrat. However, in my opinion, he is clearly the sanist voice in a sea of offensive voices that, for me, looks and sounds like a crazy kind of circus that I cannot take seriously. If the Republicans could produce a candidate that made sense to me, I might vote for them. If a conservative candidate would propose a reasonable way to balance the budget that would be fair to EVERYONE, I would sit up and take notice. (In our household, we take balancing our budget while taking care of everyone's needs very seriously. I expect no less from our government.) If a candidate would have a non-violent foreign policy, I would cheer. (In our household, we settle disputes and differences non-violently. I expect no less from our government.) If a candidate would not focus on, in my opinion, non-government issues like abortion, gay marriage, and birth control (shamelessly, in my opinion, to gain votes from the religious right) I would take what they had to say more seriously. (In our household, these issues are personal and are none of other people's business.) So, if the Republicans could come up with a candidate that matches the way of life that most resonates with mine, a compassionate and practical candidate with a strong sense of fairness and justice that was much better than Obama, I would vote for them. I'm not holding my breath.