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Some Works of Biblical Scholars - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 21st, 2012

07:59 am - Some Works of Biblical Scholars

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For those who are interested in what Bible scholars have to say about Jesus and Christianity, here is the book I'm studying now. It is a slow-read, as it's PACKED full of meaty information that makes me think, reflect, and ponder. I could read it once a year for the next 20 years, and I still would see something "new" each time. The book:
THE HEART OF CHRISTIANITY by Marcus Borg (and anything else by him is worthwhile). Borg is an Episcopalian, and a well-known Bible scholar. Conservative Christians most likely would find him offensive, but I think he's great! In fact, if I were to attend church, I would probably go to a progressive Episcopalian church... somewhere where I wouldn't have to check my mind at the door as I went in in order for my heart to be touched and moved.

I also really like retired Bishop John Spong, a controversial Episcopalian writer and speaker who is involved in a distinctively inclusive church (meaning, mainly, that gays are welcome), regularly ruffling conservative feathers throughout the Christian world. He has a thorough knowledge of the Bible, can recite the entire thing backward and forward, but has a very different take on what it all means. And he'll tell you ALL about it! I like him! (You can google fascinating videos of his speeches and interviews.)

I'm about to read PUTTING ON THE MIND OF CHRIST by Jim Marion (Damian's recommendation). I LOVE this pre-Easter season! So full of nourishing, juicy energy that inspires and motivates me.