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Kids in Trees - Livin' the Good Life — LiveJournal

Mar. 30th, 2012

06:07 pm - Kids in Trees

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Due to the fact that I've had an extended bout with the flu this month, I have not been posting much, and I had to postpone our St. Patrick's Day celebration. Now, I seem to be fully recovered.... hopefully! (This thing seems to keep coming back.) And we celebrated today. The only pictures I got were of the children in their beloved tree. They just love climbing and hanging out in our mimosa.
Here's one little bird perched in her nest
st pat's at dars 002

Two little birds comfortably snoozing
st pat's at dars 004

And one baby bird working on his new-found skills
st pat's at dars 005

Remembering back to my childhood tree climbing days and how much I adored huge trees and their welcoming branches, it does me good to see these kids love trees so much.