lestermom (lestermom) wrote,

The Power of Prayer.

Up early for Easter sunrise, party of one. Sounds lonely, doesn't it? But, I'm not lonely. I know I'm joined by millions of rejoicing people across the world right now. It's a good feeling. Happy Easter!!

I am now on a search for a "prayer shawl ministry". (I read about it in the book I've been reviewing.) People get together and knit shawls while they pray, individually and collectively, for the people who will receive them. Usually shawls are given to people who are hurting in some way... those who are grieving, sick, lonely and in need of comfort. I've read about prayer shawls for babies who are sick or premature. The babies are wrapped in the shawls or the shawl is used to drape over the baby's bassinet. Church members get together to knit and pray over shawls for soldiers in hospitals. When someone dies, a shawl is quickly produced to comfort the one left behind. A loss of any kind warrents a shawl. I like this. I'm going to see if any church in town has a prayer shawl ministry. In the meantime, I will start learning to knit. So far, the only thing I've ever successfully knitted was a washcloth!

I'm also looking for a church that prays for President Obama and his family (rather than one that prays for his removal from office!) A church that prays for our president to have wisdom in leading the country, regardless of whether the individuals in the church voted for him, would be attractive to me. If millions of people across the country were praying for the president and his administration, wouldn't that do more good for the USA than constantly bad-mouthing and lobbying against him? I think so. Coming from the place of Love is always better than coming from hate, in my book.

These are just my musings on this lovely Easter Sunday. Soon I will be watching the sunrise and contemplating the meaning of it all. Feeling full of love and gratitude.
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