lestermom (lestermom) wrote,

Nathen Being Interviewed

Our oldest son, Nathen, is now officially a marriage and family counselor. One of the things he does every year is work as an advisor and counselor at a summer camp for unschooling teenagers. Here he is being interviewed about how unschoolers might be different psychologically from teens who have had traditional educations.
I love hearing Nathen talk. One of my favorite things about having our sons home for the holidays is listening to their conversations around the dinner table or lounging around the living room. I love to listen to what's on their minds.... which is always a lot! The intelligent, thoughtful, and often very deep discussions are really stimulating to me. I feel proud of my sons and their exceptional minds. I've noticed that some families sit around and play games for fun. Our family talks. That's great fun for us.
This recording is a half hour interview, so settle down with a cup of tea or coffee (or, like in my case, a smoothie!) and enjoy!
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