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Bringing the Fairies Back - Livin' the Good Life

Apr. 27th, 2012

04:02 pm - Bringing the Fairies Back

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When I had my little friends over today for Fairy Day, I had to break the sad news that the fairies were no longer living in the backyard. They apparently had left the premises when I moved our wooden garden frame out of the backyard to another spot on "the back forty". I hadn't realized how much the fairies were enjoying my vegetable garden and hadn't known that it would make them mad to move it! They took their tables and chairs and feather beds and garden tools and have not been seen for the last few weeks. At least, there's been no evidence of them. But, I had conjured up a plan to lure them back. In the empty spot of ground where the garden had been, we planted wheat grass seeds.
fairy day '12 003

Then they all got busy hiding feather beds under bushes, along with the gifts they had brought for the fairies. They freshened up the fairy sandbox in their playground, and set out plates of the fairie's favorite food: bee pollen. They found colorful flowers and large leaves to float in the fountain for the fairies to raft around on, and planted a chia seed garden, hoping the fairies would return with their rakes and shovels and wheelbarrows. The children were intent on attracting the fairies back and took it very seriously.
fairy day '12 004

One little girl went the extra mile and looked for every pretty thing she could find to entice those fairies with. She was so earnest!
fairy day '12 002

When we were all done, the children sat quietly for a few quiet minutes to admire their handiwork while the sprinklers watered all the newly-planted seeds. It was a truly reverent experience. The best part of the whole morning, in my opinion.
fairy day '12 008

No one needed to convince us that this was an important moment. It just was.
fairy day '12 009

And my baby grandson got to participate in his first Fairy Day with his beautiful mother. Isn't she gorgeous?
fairy day '12 010

Lovely day!