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Bustling - Livin' the Good Life

May. 4th, 2012

07:32 am - Bustling

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Our property is a bustling place, now that things are revving up for THE WEDDING. Yes, Nathen and Reanna are getting married in less than two weeks! Last minute fixing and sprucing and revamping is happening full-speed ahead on both properties. What I love about it is that things we've been putting off for years are finally getting done. Actually, we've been at it since the bathroom remodel at the beginning of the year. But, this final stretch of time has energized us to finish all we can.
Steve and I pressure-washed and water-sealed the deck:
steves handiwork 006

The grapevines are busy dropping pollen on the freshly-sealed deck. Time to sweep it again:
steves handiwork 007

For years, our front porch has been a (seldom-used) gym and storage area. Mama was NOT happy about this. It was something I had to turn a blind eye too, since I was out-voted on what this space should be used for. A shade structure for bikes and gym equipment was not what I had in mind. I wanted this space to be an aesthetically-pleasing spot for people to relax and hang out and an inviting entrance to our home. Here is our cleared porch and the beginnings of its transformation. Mama is happy:
steves handiwork 010

Today I'm giving our long-neglected yucca garden a facelift. It's so fun!
steves handiwork 008

I'm doing my gardening with the intoxicating scent of star jasmine wafting across the porch. Our jasmine is exploding this year!
steves handiwork 012
The flowers will probably be spent by the wedding, which is too bad, but we can sure enjoy them now!