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Me and My Big Brother - Livin' the Good Life

May. 19th, 2012

12:18 pm - Me and My Big Brother

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As wedding pictures start to pour in, I will be posting, probably randomly, with my comments. Get ready!
me and don
This is the guy I wrote about "way back when" in my journal: Don, my one and only brother. And he was a good one! He's the one I idolized, pestered, and followed around my entire childhood. I wanted his attention so much that I learned to; pitch baseballs (when he'd call to me saying, "Come on DD, you wanna go throw the old apple around?"), play rounds and rounds of basketball, play ping-pong with him (even though he'd cream me every time), act in his original plays, memorize all the names of the players on the Dodgers and listen to their games on radio, show up for his daily puppet shows, appreciate his sense of humor and think the same things were funny, watch all his favorite TV shows, count him doing pushups every day (he got up to 300), run the movie camera (very badly) while he did high jumps, help him with his spook house in the basement while he took neighborhood kids on a tour (I was the one pulling the strings in the control room to make ghosts rise out of graves and devils move around their den), sit by him, when he'd let me, while he did his many intricate projects, sing along with him to the hits on the radio, sit for long periods at the table after dinner resisting taking that one bite of asparagus so we could be excused... the list goes on. Needless to say, I adored my big brother.