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The Sites - Livin' the Good Life

May. 19th, 2012

03:52 pm - The Sites

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As far as the places where this celebration took place, there were three different sites on three different days. I don't have pictures of the first site, which was the house that Reanna's family rented for the occasion. It was a welcome dinner with socializing and dancing. The second day, we met for a Korean barbeque at a campground in Joshua Tree National Park. Here's the site:
barb site
This site looks out over the valley floor. Behind us was a magnificent, towering pile of boulders. The barbeque was produced and orchestrated by our dear friend, Jeannie. It was delicious! Radish relish, brocolli stem slaw, meat, and forbidden-rice salad. Yum!!
My long-time friend of 18 years, Jeannie has been with me through thick and thin. She's a loyal, trusted person in my life, and I love her dearly.
She slaved over a hot grill for hours in 100 degree heat for our sakes. What a trooper!

Here's what was "behind us" and the small hike we had to take to get to the talent show site after dinner.
hike to talent show
Here we are beginning to gather for the entertainment at the small amphitheater.
There I am front and center, always ready to be entertained.

The next day, we took a long, winding dirt road up through the hills of Pioneertown to get to the wedding site:
road to wedding site

After the wedding in the clearing, we walked to the house where the reception would take place. It was a stunning sight:
the wedding house

Here is the reception dinner. If you look closely at the top of the mountain, a little to the left, you'll see what looks like a tiny open door in the rock. That's exactly what it is! It is a small prayer/meditation room carved into the mountain that you get to by hiking up a narrow trail. Quite a wonderful little surprise.
reception dinner

Inside this magnificent house we found lots of treasures from all over the world. Eastern-style ornamental furniture, paintings, decorations.... you'll get the feel of it from this picture (more to come).
inside the house