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Getting Ready - Livin' the Good Life

May. 19th, 2012

09:21 pm - Getting Ready

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The hustle and bustle before the wedding included getting dressed. Even our little man was included:
ollie getting ready

For Ollie, it was all just a fun game. This definitely WAS a laughing matter for him!
ollie getting changed

Almost there
almost there

Nathen relaxing before dressing. Check out the dramatic colors in this room!
nathen relaxing

Last few quiet moments before the ceremony
nathen contemplating marriage

Ely's turn. Reanna made the 8 bow ties necessary to outfit the seven brothers plus Nathen. And they all had to learn how to tie them on the spot. Good job, Christina!
ely getting dressed

Girls putting the finishing touches on the guys... pinning on a delicate sprig from a local plant:
finishing touches

Many buttons required lots of help. Reanna altered and "remade" this elegant dress:
many buttons