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Newlywed Potluck - Livin' the Good Life

May. 28th, 2012

08:04 am - Newlywed Potluck

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As usual, I forgot to take pictures of an important event. But, here's the scene I woke up to today in our backyard:
newlywed potluck

There were many members of our community who did not attend the wedding, and we wanted to have an event to include them somehow. We decided on a potluck, after Nathen and Reanna had a chance to catch their breaths. (Just inviting family and longtime friends to the wedding brought the guest list to nearly 100.... so much for a small wedding!) I think it's important to publicly announce a marriage and to officially ask the community to support the marriage. To go from single people interacting with a community to joining the community as a committed couple is a big deal. We have a good group of married couples with children, and I wanted them to formally embrace Nathen and Reanna. I think the potluck was a good start. And I know that Nathen and Reanna will be a boon and a blessing to this group and the wider community, as Damian and Maya have been. Here's to marriage!