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Home Sweet Home - Livin' the Good Life

Jun. 2nd, 2012

09:32 am - Home Sweet Home

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Nathen and Reanna have set up housekeeping in a trailer-house that Nathen has owned for many years. Preparing their new home for occupancy turned into a long, tedious project that covered a span of many months while they cleared a new space for the trailer on a spot on our property that had formerly held a dismantled skateboard ramp. They placed the trailer near our sauna/bath-house where the only other cluster of mature trees on the property are situated . Clearing away that skateboard ramp took weeks. It was a job that only very determined people would undertake: sawing up all those piles and piles of plywood and hauling them away and generally cleaning up the place that had become a storage area for things we didn't want but didn't know what to do with. Many, many trips to the dump, the recycling and the thrift store were in order. Since we have nearly 10 acres here, there is plenty of room for others to share our space without BEING in our space. It's really a good situation. After the spot was cleared, the rennovation of the trailer began. Every crack, every seam, both inside and out, was sealed. New flooring was installed. Every wall and cupboard painted. The bed was completely rebuilt. Shelves created. New screens made for all the windows. The bathroom was creatively wallpapered. The plumbing and electic was gone over and fixed. New appliances were bought. The couch recovered. And soon they will have a much-needed swamp cooler, as the daytime temps are now in the hundreds. This is their new home:
home sweet home
Note the funky little sign "N & R Wedding" near the door. That was one of the signs directing guests to the wedding site that probably saved a lot of people from getting lost up in the hills of Pioneertown.

Another project that was time-consuming that Reanna's dad and brother took on right before the wedding was the dismantling of a shed that my uncle built. The idea was to turn the spot into a gazebo, creating some much-needed shade near their trailer. It only got partially finished before the wedding, but Nathen and Reanna are using it for their hammock right now, and it seems to work well for that.
reanna in hammock

Damian and Maya just got themselves a stock tank (watering tank) to use as a cool-down pool that also waters their trees. Reanna liked it so much that she and Nate got themselves one too. This is going to help make our hot, hot desert summers more bearable for someone who grew up with Canadian weather. Daily 100+ degree weather is a real shock to anyone from milder climates.
Relaxing and smiling:
reanna in tank

This newly-rennovated area of our propery has great potential, and it's gratifying to watch Nathen and Reanna working so hard to realize that. I'll post updates as they occur.


Date:June 3rd, 2012 02:18 pm (UTC)
What a sweet deal. A renovated home close to family. Now Oliver had more family to love!

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Date:June 3rd, 2012 02:50 pm (UTC)
Yes, that was exactly the intention!
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