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What Ollie is Like at One - Livin' the Good Life

Jun. 3rd, 2012

04:03 pm - What Ollie is Like at One

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Oliver has a distinct personality that we are all getting to know quite well. He has a lot of energy! When he crawls, he pants enthusiastically, as if he cannot contain his energy in just his movements. He has to "narrate" them with sound effects. If he sees something new, he HAS to go check it out NOW and touch it. He moves quickly. Sometimes when he crawls, he laughs joyfully, and that joy courses through and overcomes his crawling body, making him vere off course and even collapse into giggling. He is a new walker now, and we get such a kick out of what we call his "Frankenstein walk" where he holds both arms straight out in front of him, presumably for balance, with hands in a "gimmy" position ready to grab whatever he is pursuing. He is still quite tipsy on two legs, so there is lots of falling, both frontwards and backwards. Oftentimes his forward falls involve his face smashing into the floor in a three-point landing. Amazingly, he rarely cries after these landings. He picks himself right up and continues on like nothing happened. The other day, he and I were playing chase by crawling around his little table and chairs set in the playroom, and he got wise and thought he'd go straight through the chair legs to shorten the distance between us. But, he got stuck. Truly stuck! It took some manuvering and a fair amount of crying before I was able to extracate him from the chair. He's a climber, too! He climbs on and off couches now, and he'll try to climb anything if it has something on top of it that he wants. I just about have our living room baby-proofed, but it seems that every day, as he gets smarter, more aware, and more mobile, there is a new baby-proofing challenge. So far, the playroom is a free-range area for him, but I can see that the books are the next to go. He hasn't learned to handle books gently yet. He imitates us more and more often now. He makes the raspberry sound when he pushes a little toy truck. He holds things up to his ear like he's talking on a phone and makes little chirpy sounds. He waves when we wave to him. Today he nodded to his mama when she nodded to him. Sometimes he'll pet the cat g-e-n-t-l-y when we show him how. I love how he reaches out to me (and others) when he wants to be held. He has passion and drive that is evident in everything he does. He's an "on the go" kind of baby who doesn't miss a thing, and I think it will only get more so as he gets increasingly steady on his feet. We have to watch out for his occasional "nip" when he's feeling frustated or overwhelmed. He has razor-sharp little teeth! We're all getting good at heading those little aggressions off at the pass. "Steady there, little guy!" Maya typically puts him in his front-pack carrier when he gets too riled up and needs a break. That's his signal that it's time to calm down and be still for a while. I will not be surprised if he is an early talker. I'm so looking forward to that first talking. I came to the conclusion, years ago, that between ages 1 and 2 is my favorite year due to the aquisition of language. So fun!