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Ollie Joins Me - Livin' the Good Life

Aug. 17th, 2012

08:26 am - Ollie Joins Me

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Every day, I continue to do my Egoscue posture correcting exercises. The series I'm doing now is for the neck, because I've had a persistant cold this last week, with an accompanying stiff neck and lingering earaches. No fun. My exercises, plus rest, lots of fluids, hot packs and massage have been my few comforts during this ordeal. Maya brought me her wonderful "bone broth" yesterday, that is full of minerals and health building nutrients. I do feel a bit better today.
Anyway, I was doing my exercises the other day, when Ollie came for a visit. He immediately joined me, trying to imitate what I was doing. So cute!
"sitting wall stretch"

"legs up wall" (he had his legs up the wall, but we didn't catch it on the camera.... with him you have to be quick!)

I also do a "leg circles" exercise where I lie on my back, grasping one leg and pulling it towards me while I do foot circles. Ollie walked in on me doing them and immediately laid down next to me holding his legs in the air. Now we have a game where he does that and I circle his feet for him. He loves it. He's just getting into the "imitative stage", and I'm really looking forward to it. Especially when they try to say words. Cutest thing ever.