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Superior Speech from The First Lady - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 5th, 2012

06:43 am - Superior Speech from The First Lady

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Lovely, lovely Michelle Obama. Thank you so much for the moving speech you gave at the Democratic Convention last night. I listened to most of the key speeches from the Republican Convention last week (squirmed through many of them, actually), and never did I hear one so real, so compassionate, so intelligent, so sincerely from the heart as Michelle's was last night. Even though, at my core, I identify more as a conservative than a liberal, and even though I don't subscribe to every liberal point of view, I DO subscribe to the character that this woman clearly displays, and I feel better knowing that she is standing firmly behind our president.
If you missed her speech, here it is:

Note: Not once will you hear her mention Mitt Romney. No bashing of the Republicans, no blaming or insulting other people. This is what I mean by "character".