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Michaelmas is Coming! - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 24th, 2012

09:41 am - Michaelmas is Coming!

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This year, our Waldorf group will be adding a new celebration to our yearly cycle of events. "Michaelmas" is the honoring of St. Michael. He is the brave knight who rides a winged white horse and flies around in the sky (making the Autumn winds blow with the flapping of his horse's wings and the swinging of his sword) looking for wicked dragons. There are many different stories about St. Michael. Sometimes he kills dragons, and other times he merely subdues them and even helps transform their evil ways so they can join him in doing good in the world. No matter how the story goes, St. Michael always shows courage and bravery.

I have created a little celebration for this week in which the children will all get to demonstrate an act of kindness and bravery. They will all get to have a turn in using these:

They will rescue a baby bird from a "dragon" that I fashioned out of paper:

And put the baby bird in this backpack I created, go through an obstacle course, climb a ladder to a high tree branch, and return the baby bird to its nest:

I'm thinking up fun things to do in the obstacle course that would be appropriate for 4-6 year olds. I love this kind of stuff! Hope it turns out well and we'll have some pictures taken that I can share here. Wish me luck!