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Second Annual Oak Glen Excursion with Ollie

Maya and I have really been looking forward to this. We finally got to take Ollie back to Oak Glen. Last year he was a babe in arms... not even crawling. I remember saying as we left, "Next year Ollie will be toddling around this place!" That sounded really exciting, and even unimaginable, to us. (Not only is he toddling this year, but he is trotting!) Unfortunately, between my camera being low on batteries (note to self: remember to check that next year!) and Ollie getting a big, painful molar in, I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. But, I'll share what I did get. Riley's Orchards:
This field of flowers is a new feature this year. So beautiful!

We didn't get our pumpkin-patch photo, but I thought this was just as good:

Maya was demonstrating how to toss an armful of leaves in the air to Ollie. He thought it was funny!

Somehow, Ollie got it in his head that the leaves needed to be back on the trees, so he started taking one leaf at a time and trotting it over to a certain tree and dropping it at its base. He did this over and over until he was all tuckered out. Here he is with one of his rescued leaves.

It was time for lunch, so we went to our favorite park behind Los Rios for a picnic. Here Maya and Ollie are setting out a delicious homemade lunch:

Maya makes the best picnics! Here she served us up some homemade cole slaw, baked chicken, acorn squash and grain-free muffins. So considerate of her to make a lunch that was perfect for my diet these days. Thanks, Maya!

Me and Ollie sharing lunch. I look so different without my glasses that I don't think people recognize me. I hardly recognize myself! Glasses really have become a part of my face after 50 years of wearing them.

Ollie taking a "tree ride" before loading up in the car and heading home. He was so tired, he was punchy. He slept like a log for the over-an-hour ride home. He didn't even wake up for our brief stop at the nursery.

We really scored on this trip. We got a bushel of apples from the orchards, buffalo bones from the buffalo farm for soup stock, and a flat full of winter greens "starts" from the nursery... all that and a beautiful day at Oak Glen to boot!
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