lestermom (lestermom) wrote,

Steeped in Music

This little boy has been getting a music education since the day he was born. His daddy practices many hours a day, and Ollie hears it all, either coming from the music room or from his daddy's back.
With Ollie's torso leaning up against his daddy's back, Ollie's receiving music right through his body. When I'm on stage with Steve, I make a point of putting my hand on his back at some point during a set, because I love the strong vibration that comes through his body from his guitar as he aggressively strums the chords. It feels SO good. It feels like an electrical connection that heals. Ollie's getting that from a young age. Lucky little guy!

Another thing Ollie's getting is the notion that music is something you DO. It's not just something you passively listen to. His dad and all his uncles.... even his great grandfather.... play instruments. And although we all listen to both live and recorded music, Ollie is just as likely to see and hear his own extended family playing music... any time, anywhere.
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