lestermom (lestermom) wrote,

One of My Not-So-Great Inheritances

Hypothyroidism. A "not-fun" condition which I inherited from my dad. I would have rather inherited his encyclopedic mind, or even his teeth. (Never had a cavity.) A couple of years ago I found that I was having a hard time getting and staying warm. My dad has been teased and laughed at for years about wearing a padded flight-suit and knitted hat year round. He can not tolerate being in a breeze, even if it is a warm breeze. He sleeps with his fleece-lined boots on... under many wool blankets. I will never laugh at his "odd" behaviors again. Now I can't tolerate breezes, which made the blowing of our swamp cooler nearly unbearable for me this last summer. In the winter I wear footie pajamas so that my ankles and lower legs won't get cold. Once in a while I wake up with my slippers still on because I couldn't bear to take them off.
But, the coldness is on the INSIDE, not the outside. So it doesn't do a whole lot of good to wear warm clothes or cover myself with lots of blankets. Occasionally I think I might be in danger of freezing to death! This is serious. I don't want to go through another winter being cold to the bone.
So I've been doing my homework. I research every day. I need to solve this problem! There are other symptoms of hypothyroidism that are nearly as unpleasant as the coldness, and I have most of those symptoms. Except for weight gain. I do not have that problem.

Tomorrow I go to a doctor in Upland who may be able to help me. I had lots of blood drawn a few weeks ago for nearly $1,000 worth of tests (we don't have health insurance) and tomorrow I get the results. I don't like driving over 200 miles (round trip) to see a doctor, and I had to wait an hour and a half in the (cold) waiting room, to boot. Most unpleasant. And even though the doctor was fine and thorough, I'm not sure I will return after she shows me my test results tomorrow. My Plan B is to see a doc in Yucca Valley next time. She comes highly recommended, and unfortunately I found out about her after I'd already seen this other doctor.

All I want is some natural thyroid extract. I know other women who have had good luck with taking thyroid. They got their lives back. Sounds good to me. Because one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is depression. And I'll tell you, it doesn't put me in a good mood to be constantly cold. It's very wearing. I may need some adrenal support, too. But I'm willing to take any support that is necessary (as long as it's not s synthetic drug) in order to feel like a million bucks again. I used to feel that way, and I want my old self back!
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