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Fun to be Popular - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 16th, 2012

01:56 pm - Fun to be Popular

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Ollie likes his "Nana Honey", no doubt about it. Sometimes when Maya turns her back while hanging up laundry, Ollie high-tails it over here. The other day he ran to our door, which was ajar, and burst through it, running to the back of the house where he knows I usually am. He always looks so delighted with himself when he finds me!

He has a hand sign for "grandma" that he makes while he says, "Nana". But now we know he makes the "Honey" connection. Maya said she was making him some toast and told him she was putting honey on it. He said, "Nana" and make the hand signal. Awww.....

Usually, when Ollie first sees me, he lifts his arms up and says in an almost-whisper, "Hup!"
The other day, Maya mentioned my name in passing, and Ollie lifted his arms and said, "Hup!"

He is so smart, and he's learning so much right now! His understanding and communication is growing in leaps and bounds. Like I've said before, my favorite age in little ones is from 1-2 years... the time they start acquiring language. As a person who loves to talk, I'm thrilled to witness my grandchild learn how to say words and know that he really is wanting to talk to me!