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Candid Shots from Thanksgiving 2012 - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 23rd, 2012

09:02 pm - Candid Shots from Thanksgiving 2012

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We traveled to Pasadena on Thanksgiving for a lovely feast with Ely's in-laws, the Rizzos. Ollie was well-received, and much-loved! Look at this happy family. (Well, I guess this one isn't exactly candid!)
d and m a ollie at thnxgiving

Ely's mother in law, Tania (standing) was the perfect hostess! Look at that beautiful spread!
(That's Ely's Christina in the blue, and her cousin and his girlfriend across from her.)
tania the hostess

And her husband, Mike, the perfect host! He made a delicious smoked turkey... yum!

Uncle Gabe and his Ollie join the fun!
gabe and ollie at rizzos

Time to break out the instruments! I really enjoyed Ely's playing this time around.
ely tuning up

The Lesters accompanying Mike on his newly-learned banjo songs
mike on banjo

Nathen and Ollie taking it all in
nathen and ollie thanksgiving

Nana Honey taking a break to play with Ollie:
nana honey playing with ollie

I wish I'd gotten pictures of everyone, but I'm very grateful for the ones we did get. Thanks, Reanna, for these great shots! If it wasn't for you, we'd have NO pictures of Thanksgiving this year. Thanks for being on the ball!