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A Novel Experience - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 1st, 2012

07:47 am - A Novel Experience

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It was a gorgeous evening last night! Breezy, but not cold. The air was crisp, the sky sparkling. I almost didn't go Christmas caroling, but I walked outside, felt the air, and jumped in the car. I had to go! We met in front of the Joshua Tree music store, where hot cider was offered, sheet music was distributed, and people kept coming. To my great surprise and excitement, a brass quartet was there to accompany us! That made all the difference! Imagine a troop of about 30 singers standing in front of the saloon, the shops, the restaurants (actually, we went IN the restaurants, as we all know the owners and even most of the customers), and crossing the street at the signal, with lines of cars stopped, followed by a brass band! I call that fun! Last year, only 8 people caroled. This year, 30. Next year... LOTS more, if I can help it.