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Help From a Friend - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 9th, 2012

05:06 pm - Help From a Friend

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The first couple of days of Grandpa Bob's ordeal, he was so weak he could not get up or walk. Our next door neighbor, Paula, who is his yoga teacher and good friend, was here to help him in any way she could. She was a God-send. Not only did she massage him, she did (mild) strength exercises with him to try to help him be able to rise from his chair. (It took two of us to help him get up, and even then it was really difficult.) Here's a picture of a session she was having with him before we realized how very sick he was. We were amazed at how she could get Dad to exercise like that, under the circumstances. But, he really didn't seem to mind. (By the way, she brought weights in to the hospital, too, and the nurses seemed to find it amusing.)
Thank you, Paula, for the caring and optimism you brought to our family in this time of crisis. We appreciated your input at our family meetings and valued your healing touch and devotion to our most precious Grandpa Bob.