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Taking Care of Grandpa Bob - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 10th, 2012

10:36 am - Taking Care of Grandpa Bob

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The hospital staff has commented on several occasions that my dad has been getting extraordinary support from his family. My dad told me that after Gabe left a few days ago, the nurse that was in the room working on the computer commented that he had never seen a grandson rub his grandfather's feet before. My dad said the nurse had been "touched". It must have been unusual for the hospital staff to see family coming in and out throughout the day bringing special foods and supplements. I made sure he had his spirulina smoothie each day with ground flax seeds, coconut oil, and fiber supplement (Can't let him get constipated!) When I left, I always had to scrub the "green mustache" off his face. Paula had Dad doing "bed yoga", made him do his hand weights, and gave him a daily massage and pep talk. Gabe made sure he stood up each time and helped him stretch. He has been very protective of his grandpa, watching carefully to see that he is treated well and getting a nurse when he feels something is being overlooked. He also brought him daily yummy health drinks that Dad looked forward to. Damian rode his bike every day to the hospital and read to Dad from his history book. Dad loved that! Maya brought Ollie in to brighten his great-grandpa's day. Dad said, (regarding Ollie) "Now, that's something to live for!" Those who know Dad would understand that that is an unusual thing for him to say. Hopefully, today, Dad will be released from the hospital, because he got unhooked from all his tubes yesterday. We took that as a GOOD sign.