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Christmas dinner 2012 and presents! - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 29th, 2012

07:59 am - Christmas dinner 2012 and presents!

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Ely is taking the picture. Ben and Rebeca are about to arrive. Robert is the gentleman on the left with the beard. Maya's mother, Willow, is at the far end, left. And there's Grandpa Bob, home from the hospital and feeling pretty good!
Christmas dinner 2012

Ollie opening his first present
ollie opening a present

It was a truck from Christina's parents! That was the only present he needed.
ollie pushing truck

pushing truck on tummy

more pushing truck

Oh yes, there were other people opening presents too! Reanna got a ukelele from Steve!
reanna ukelele

There were so many thoughtful gifts. It was all so lovely. We did things differently this year, because Ely and Christina couldn't arrive until 3 PM, and neither could Ben and Rebeca. So "Christmas day" began with dinner, then gifts in the evening. It was perfectly fine to do it that way. I don't know if we could get away with that once Ollie is older and has a hard time waiting. I guess presents could be opened throughout the day. That might be nice. And next year we'll have another little one. Ely and Christina will have a 7 month old!


Date:December 30th, 2012 07:37 pm (UTC)
So good to see your Dad back with the family again.
I wish I had thought to give my little grandsons trucks for Christmas. Looks like the perfect gift for Ollie.

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