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First Christmas in Their New Home - Livin' the Good Life

Dec. 29th, 2012

03:52 pm - First Christmas in Their New Home

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Here is Ely and Christina's new home, taken just before Christmas. They are landscaping their front yard, so in a few weeks there will be many plants in the dirt area. The walkways were just put in. Ely (and his brothers) spent many days and hours digging up the invasive grass in the front yard to replace it with drought tolerant plants.
ely's house at christmas

Another view showing the front porch
view of porch

Inside view of their living room
inside view

Christina with child. Our next grandchild!
christina with child

Look at Christina's beautiful hair! Given Ely's naturally curly hair AND Christina's, don't you think they'll have a child who sports ringlets?


Date:December 30th, 2012 07:41 pm (UTC)
Very lovely home. I especially like the rounded arch....very classy.
Looks like you are going to have a curly head grandchild! How fun that will be.

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Date:January 4th, 2013 11:46 pm (UTC)

so sweet!

I just wanted to say, Congrats!! To you all! Christina..you are absolutely beautiful and glowing! Im sooo over the moon happy for you both!..about the curly hair tho..Mark n I both have curly hair but of our girls have Straight hair so far? So I wonder if it actually works against eachother and you have children with straight hair? Haha. Just a thought? Although all 3 of my kids hair was curly before there first hair cuts? Happy New Year! Hugs!
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