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Time For a New Bed! - Livin' the Good Life

Jan. 22nd, 2007

04:56 pm - Time For a New Bed!

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Beds have become a problem for us these days. The basis of the problem is that Steve gets hot at night and I get cold. We've had a waterbed for many years and it is heated to a constant temperature. But, lately Steve and I cannot agree on a comfortable temperature. If I set it to a comfortable temperature for me, Steve roasts. If it's comfortable for him, I freeze. Not a good situation. I've been trying out a regular mattress lately, and I find I like it because my body heats the area underneath me to exactly the right temperature. (I assume it's "body temperature".) If the waterbed it heated to 85 degrees, or even 90 degrees (which sounds hot!), my body can never seem to heat it up above those settings. This just doesn't work for me. So we are off to the mattress store to get a new mattress, and the waterbed will be retired. It will be good to stop playing musical beds just to get a good night's sleep! Not to mention how nice it is to have your sweetie lying next to you all night, and whenever you need a cuddle he's just an arm's length away!