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Still Easily Amused - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 4th, 2007

03:17 pm - Still Easily Amused

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Since my brother had heart surgery a few years ago, I've been very interested in my own "heart health". During this last respiratory flu Steve got me one of those electronic blood pressure cuffs because my heart kept racing and I could feel my pulse all over my body. It turns out that what I thought was a rather extravagant purchase (I already had a regular pump-up cuff) was actually a fun "toy" that I've really enjoyed using. It was so easy and fast to use that I took my bp many times a day and started recording it. I took it upon arising, after I meditated, after I jogged for a half hour, after my calisthenics, after yoga, and after sitting quietly following workouts. I took it when I was upset, and I took it just randomly. A pattern began to emerge that I thought was interesting. In the morning, just out of bed, my bp was usually elevated (average low 130s over mid 70s). This has continued to puzzle me. Then, immediately after exercising it would be higher. THEN, after I sat quietly for 10 minutes or so it would average 105 over high 60s. The rest of the day it would stay low. After a month of charting my bp I see very consistantly that exercise REALLY DOES lower blood pressure, just like thay say it does. My bp rose after watching an upsetting movie. It made me wonder if my elevated bp on arising had to do with dreams I was having just before I woke up that I was not consciously remembering. Good question. At any rate, I'm very satisfied with my bp and my ability to influence it. (My resting heart rate, by the way, averages 60 beats a minute.) I am extremely attracted to the idea that I can be my own doctor, and, in fact, I am. This is just one way that I can feel empowered in my life...looking closely at myself for my own answers. How could anyone else know me better than I do? If I "come up" with a disease, who else but me knows how I got there? Who else but me can tap into the Healing Power that can address the issues that caused me to go wrong in the first place? I look forward to more adventures with my bp cuff and the way it may help me make better choices in my daily life.