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Showering Our Grandbaby With Essentials - Livin' the Good Life

Mar. 25th, 2013

08:25 pm - Showering Our Grandbaby With Essentials

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Reanna and I went to a lovely shower for Ely and Christina's baby yesterday. (Ollie was sick, so Maya couldn't go, which was a big disappointment for everyone.) It was held at Christina's family friend's house in Pasadena in her beautiful backyard under huge trees with the scent of lemon blossoms wafting through the air. Some of her trees were heavily-laden with lemons and avocados. (And she let us harvest some before we left. Lucky us!) Jeannie Lee was also there, which added to the fun and merriment.
Our family gave the baby organic onsies and receiving blankets, and I made a "boppy pillow" meant for making breastfeeding easier and more comfortable. Christina sent me the fabric of soft, organic flannel, and I sewed it up, stuffing it partially with lambswool. We also gave them a lambskin to lay the baby on when not being held.

Reanna made a gorgeous quilt. The border is hand-quilted, using the Japanese Sashiko embroidery pattern. The center is a Tumblers pattern. Many, many hours of labor went into this beautiful blanket.

Here Christina is holding up the adorable, organic sweater vest that Jeannie knitted for the baby. To the left is the lambskin we gave them.
baby shower

I couldn't resist buying the little footie pajamas with the ducky feet and the ducky butt. Too cute.

Maya will be giving them her gift when she sees them in a couple of weeks. It's very special.