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My Oral Health Problems - Livin' the Good Life

Aug. 12th, 2013

06:53 pm - My Oral Health Problems

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Just for the record, I have been on a very strict health regime these days, and I want to list my latest thinking and actions toward excellent health and fitness. But, in order to explain why I have a stepped-up health program, I need to back up a few months. Around the time Steve had his hip surgery at the end of May, I suddenly developed a lump on the roof of my mouth right behind to my two front teeth. It was painful and red and hurt every time I bit down on anything, because my bottom front teeth were making contact with it. Eventually, it subsided a bit and didn't hurt anymore. But, I was still concerned and tried many remedies I had heard and read about to get rid of this lump. Nothing helped.

I was reticent about seeing a dentist because I had a very bad experience when I went to this new dentist, last January. He told me I needed 7, that's SEVEN, crowns. All but one was to replace what he called "inferior" crowns. Well, that was news to me. I thought I'd had nothing but good work done on my teeth. Then, this dentist was rough and didn't listen to me when I complained that it hurt. Unbeknownst to me, he unintentionally left a string wrapped tightly around the base of the tooth he was working on, and sent me home to wait for the new crown to be delivered. I was in great pain. Finally, I was flossing and the this bloody string came out from beneath my red and swollen gum line. I was going back the next day, so I brought the string in to show him, and he basically said, "Oops." He was supposed to have taken if off after he'd done the work on my tooth. Anyway, after two crowns I told them I wasn't coming back. Oh, and they said I didn't need a cleaning (free through my health plan) even though I HADN'T HAD A PROFESSIONAL CLEANING IN FIVE YEARS! Either I do a fantastic job of cleaning my teeth at home or they just didn't want to clean my teeth. So, needless to say, I've been hesitant to try another dentist. I felt like my mouth had been beat up, and I didn't want to further injure my sensitive gum tissue.

So, I get this lump, and I am feeling squeemish about having another dentist mess with my mouth again. (By the way, this lump is not near the teeth that had been worked on in January.) I'd prefer to deal with this on my own. I asked my chiropractor and he suggested some supplements that would deal with possible bacterial and viral conditions in my body. I've been on that for a week. He also brought up Earthing, which is the subject that I really wanted to write about here. So, I went to the new EARTHING STORE in town and decided to give "grounding" a try.

To be continued.....