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Ollie Participates - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 1st, 2013

07:47 am - Ollie Participates

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Yesterday, Ollie, like a big boy, participated in Michaelmas. Here he is listening to me asking him if he's been good and true. Then he answered in a quiet but confident voice, "yes." (Because he heard the others do it before him)
ollie listens

Here is your sword, Use it for right, To carry the light....
to carry the light

...and not for some silly quarrel or fight
and not for some silly quarrel

Now comes the fun!
now comes the fun

Crawl through the tunnel as fast as you can! (carrying the baby bird in a backpack)
crawl through the tunnel!

Ollie completed his task of rescuing the baby bird from the dragon and returning it to its nest, but where was the mother bird? Up on top of our shed with a broken wing! Kids to the rescue!
group on ladder