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My Very Own Biofeedback Machine - Livin' the Good Life

Feb. 16th, 2007

05:53 pm - My Very Own Biofeedback Machine

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As I have charted my blood pressure for about a month now, it has begun to occur to me that I have my very own "biofeedback machine" (something I've always wanted). My pulse, and particularly my blood pressure, give me instant feedback as to how my body is reacting to what I'm doing, thinking, and feeling. If I get mad or scared my blood pressure goes up. When I let go of the thoughts and feelings that are causing me to feel that way, my blood pressure goes down. Now, if I'm wanting to prevent "cardio-vascular incidents" it makes sense that I learn to control my stress levels by monitoring my moods and dealing with them as they come up. I find that sitting quietly and clearing my mind is what lowers my bp the most. Today was a particularly stressful day, for some reason. Nothing "bad" happened, but Steve and I were faced with possible changes in band personnel, and Steve was notified that his regular summer work may end this year. Neither of these things are bad, however they both would warrant some major "adjustments". There was a sense that our life, as we knew it, was starting to "unravel" or "dissolve" a little bit. I just read today that "Life is change." So, if that is true, major adjustments are just a part of normal life and nothing to get upset about. Change is good and healthy. But, as I was mulling over the upcoming changes, I found myself mired in thought, and rationalizations, and some fear. When I would try to sit quietly, all these thoughts and feelings flooded over me. Needless to say, my blood pressure went up (135/73). My trusty machine told me, "you are doing something that is not good for your body!" Op! It must not be good for me to think these thoughts. As my chiropractor used to say, "Stop the stinkin' thinkin'!!" So, I sat quietly, clearing my mind of those thoughts, and grew very still. After 10 minutes, I checked my bp again. Well, well...it was 108/67. Imagine that! This is what I've been seeing time after time. Now, I don't have to be still to get a low reading. I've had low readings when I work around the house or out in the yard. The high readings seem to have to do with either strenuous exercise or "stinkin' thinkin'". I have a lot more research to do on this, but since I really find it entertaining, I look forward to doing it. I want to feel totally responsible for my health and happiness...that I am choosing health and happiness...and I want to see that my life is reflecting that choice. I'll give updates on my research as I go along.