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The Best Part - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 24th, 2013

02:39 pm - The Best Part

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Maya and I took Ollie to the Elf Faire in Pasadena yesterday. Honestly, I have been waiting a long time for this. I have accompanied some of my favorite children and their families to this faire over the years, and I thoroughly enjoyed the privilege. But, secretly, I longed to take my own flesh and blood to the faire someday. Yesterday was the day. And though Ollie was a bit young for such over-the-top stimulation (a long drive, all day surrounded by hundreds, maybe thousands, of people all trying to do way too much in one day, like a small-scale Disneyland) he handled it amazingly well. And there's always next year. Ollie will be a year older, three and a half, and more mature. I would say that the faire is aimed at elementary school children. So, Ollie has a few years to go.... which only means that we have many years of fun ahead of us!

Ely, Christina, and Julian joined us, and though Julian is just a baby, someday he will be able to join us as a fully-participating, joyful member of the Lester clan and their traditions. After the faire, I got to spend some playtime with Julian at their home, and that was truly delightful. I didn't get pictures, but I do have a heart-full of memories that make me smile from yesterday.

And to tell you the truth, the memory that makes me smile most broadly, and tickles my funny-bone most mercilessly, is one of Ollie, after a long and tiring day. We stopped at a Trader Joe's about halfway home just before it closed for the night. Ollie needed to get his wiggles out, and riding in the grocery cart seat seemed like a bad way to do that. So Maya let him push a child-sized cart. I thought that was brilliant. As I saw Ollie pushing that little cart so enthusiastically around the store, I just started smiling. Then, I could not stop laughing. It was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. Maya had to run to keep up with him as he raced purposefully down the aisles. And when she told him to stop so she could put something in the cart, he was delighted to know that, not only could he PUSH the cart, but he got to put stuff IN the cart, too! When he realized this, he started attempting to load up the cart with whatever struck his fancy, and that just made me laugh harder. They were at the other end of the store, and I saw Maya point in the new direction she wanted him to go, and his body language was priceless. He leaped into action in the new direction, his feet barely touching the floor! I was doubled over with laughter! The exuberance of childhood is something we all need to witness regularly if we want to remain healthy and happy. Really.

Luckily, Maya got a quick shot of him in action (and evidently other people were snapping pictures of him too).
ollie shopping cart


Date:November 25th, 2013 09:59 pm (UTC)
Sounds like Ollie really took to that little cart! He probably felt like a teenager who was suddenly given the car keys. :)

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Date:November 26th, 2013 01:01 am (UTC)
Love that boy!
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