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Ollie's Fancy Jumping Circus - Livin' the Good Life

Aug. 18th, 2014

09:34 pm - Ollie's Fancy Jumping Circus

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Maya and Ollie are visiting relatives in Vancouver for two weeks, and it's awful quiet around here. There's no Ollie chirping, talking, laughing, crying, screaming and bossing. He definitely lets his wants be known! Like I said, it's QUIET around here. No Ollie opening the screen door, pattering through the kitchen in the early morning and up to my bedside quietly announcing, "I'm here." When I ignore him, he climbs unobtrusively into bed so as not to bother me too much. But, his squirming wakes me fully, and I get up. Then he asks me to play with him. We play until his mama comes to get him. No more riding bikes with him until he starts running into my bike... on purpose. Then his mama takes him home. No more throwing rocks at targets... until the target becomes me... and his mama takes him home. No more hearing him say one hilarious thing after another. No more marveling over his advanced vocabulary and ability to communicate at age three. It really is a pleasure and an honor to watch a child grow up. Not many people, other than a child's parents, get to witness the day by day changes and leaps a child makes. Since I'm done being a parent, I'm enjoying watching the whole process from the sidelines as a grandmother. And what a show it is!

The latest entertainment, before Ollie went on vacation, was his "Fancy Jumping Circus". That's what he called it, anyway. It was merely him jumping very enthusiastically and fearlessly on the trampoline. He IS extremely coordinated on that trampoline! He's got the best moves! The highest jumps! The most spectacular saves! The best ability to travel long distances with each leap across the net! All with very few accidents and not much crying. Mostly just shouts of "Watch this everybody!" And when it gets too dark to see, there's a fair amount of resistance to going inside and taking a bath before bed. There's often a bit of wailing and general dramatics. But, eventually he submits. All the antics are put aside until tomorrow. The show is over for another day. I am left with visions of that boy jumping about and remembering his clever name for it all. In fact, I still can't stop laughing about it!