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Like an Angel - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 8th, 2014

10:39 am - Like an Angel

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My dad has always been fascinated with dreams. He has talked about dreams for as long as I can remember and often shared his own dreams with me. He believes that dreamland is a real place, and he really goes there. This morning, he came in with a big smile on his face and said he had just dreamed he was in a fairyland of Japanese tea houses. He wandered all over this magical land, watching beautiful Japanese women serving tea in lovely dresses. He said I was there too.... serving tea. Finally, he decided he was ready to leave, so he looked slowly and softly around him and eventually saw his room. So he fixed his gaze on it and willed himself to enter it. The room got bigger and filled his whole vision, and then he was on his bed. He got up and came in to tell me about it.
The other day, he came in and said he dreamed he saw his brother, Uncle Bill, and that Bill had lost 25 pounds.
One day he said he dreamed he was visiting our Del Monte house in La Canada, the one he built, and was enjoying it very much. But then he saw my mom sitting at the kitchen table typing, and he felt regret for her having to take in typing to supplement their income. He said he really didn't like that and wished it hadn't been that way.
And there was the dream where his father gave him a comp ticket to a play in Hollywood, and he loved the play so much! I asked him if that really happened, and he said his dad often got comp tickets to performances from his work and passed them on to him.
Almost every day he tells me about a dream when he gets up. A couple of weeks ago he came in all excited, saying he dreamed a powerful dream that instructed him that he HAD to learn to use the computer. It said that anyone alive today needs to be proficient on the computer. He has resisted learning the computer, saying his brain doesn't work like that. Many people have tried to teach him, and he just can't seem to understand it or remember what to do next. Even though there is a step by step list right next to him. He's bought several computers over the years, and never could make them work.
So this day he said he needed me to get him another computer and help him learn. His dream told him to! And this time, Gabe took on the job of teaching him. We gave him one of our I-Pads, and he just couldn't believe that it was a computer. He wanted one that looked like mine..... a big TV-like screen and separate keyboard that is stationary. Not a flat object that looks like a book and can be carried wherever you go. THAT'S not a computer! Gabe helped him find U-tubes on subjects of interest and he loved it! But, he was not able to do it by himself. And eventually, he stopped looking at the computer at all. Even though it was right next to his plate at the kitchen table. We'll keep it there, however, because something will eventually come up that he will want to know about and one of us can bring up the info for him.
I look forward to hearing Dad's dreams each morning. His dreams seem to be the most interesting part of his life these days. He sleeps most of the time and tells me after his meals... "Now I'm going to go jump in my bed!" It's actually more like he will shuffle into his room and sort of fall into his bed. But, to him, it's jumping.
I believe he is preparing himself for his eventual exit from this world. And I think he's doing it in an elegant way. Slowly, slowly, leaving more and more of this life behind as he explores (effortlessly, and with a body that works perfectly) the realms on the other side of the veil. It's an interesting thing to witness. I am fortunate to have a father who is so deeply good-natured, always looking for the positive and for things to appreciate. He is gentle to his core. I was looking into his eyes the other day as we were discussing things, and he looked so beautiful. Clear-eyed, open, and peaceful. He looked young! And healthy! (Much more so than he looked 10-15 years ago.)
Like an angel.


Date:September 9th, 2014 03:48 pm (UTC)
What I find interesting about this, is usually people tend to think they dream less as they get older only because they can no longer remember their dreams. I have to take B12 every day or I won't remember my dreams. But here is your Dad having this wonderful life while he sleeps. And he can remember them long enough to tell you about it when he wakes up!

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