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They All Stood Up - Livin' the Good Life

Sep. 21st, 2014

03:28 pm - They All Stood Up

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I imagine I will be processing the last two weeks for a long time to come. Because, on Sept. 9 I once again had to endure that dreaded "twisted intestine scenario" and was rushed to the ER with little ceremony. Since we'd been through this only a few short months ago, we had the routine down. I'm not going to go through the blow by blow of it, but Nathen initially took me to urgent care, then onward to meet Steve at the hospital where I was once again x-rayed and scanned and pronounced having an obstructed bowel. I walked out of that hospital a week later with two feet less of intestine. I endured the dreaded tube down my nose. The long list of drugs. The fear and pain and despair. And eventually limped out of there to return to the comfort of my own bed. There, I licked my wounds, and complained, and cried and began my recovery. Everything went well, I'm told. I don't know that for sure, yet, but what I am sure of after all was said and done is that I have a SOLID family. Mama went down big time, and went she went down, everyone else stood up. That's what my extraordinary family is like. I saw it crystal-clearly this time.

It was determined when I went down last February that I should not be left alone at the hospital. Nathen declared that as "very important", and everyone else agreed. There was rarely a time, except in the middle of the night, when I was not being attended to by a family member: making sure, once I was eating, that I had nutritious food, items of comfort, someone to walk me to the bathroom when I had to throw up, make sure I had fresh gowns and linens, wipe my sweaty brow with a fresh wet cloth, and oversee how I was being treated by the nurses.... oh, and be there to listen to what the doctor had to say each day when he checked on me. Because I was not capable of getting that information straight or remembering it. (Remember the long list of drugs?) The roster of support-persons was long and included dear friends who came forward in a big way for me: Steve, Nathen, Ely, Damian, Maya, Reanna, Gabe, Ben, Jennifer, and Jeannie. I also had a number of visitors who provided distraction and comfort. Maya was not able to actually come to the hospital much due to Ollie. But she was busy masterminding everything to make sure people were always with me. She also completely covered for taking care of my dad. No small thing. Plus, she was cooking up a storm and helping nurture the family here at home.... who were understandably stressed. It's amazing how many people it takes to cover when ONE person goes down! And one of the things I learned for sure is that when I go down, everyone here will stand up. And that is a very comforting thing to know.


Date:September 22nd, 2014 02:57 am (UTC)
I read this with horror in my heart and tears in my eyes. I'm thankful you were up to posting today and so grateful to your family that you were well cared for. I was shocked to learn on Facebook about your surgery and have been praying for you ever since. I kept thinking…NO NO this can't be happening again. But it did, and you made it through. I'm with you in spirit and prayer my dear friend.

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