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Just the Right Book - Livin' the Good Life

Oct. 13th, 2014

08:03 am - Just the Right Book

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One month out of the hospital and I'm just beginning to want the distraction of a good book. Until now, I couldn't seem to focus on anything, and to take in MORE than I was already experiencing felt like too much. But now, I can finally do it: listen to music, read things, listen to people talking without quickly getting tired.... I've just wanted to be quiet, still and isolated. Do other people go through this after surgery? I have no idea. It might just be the way I do it.
I'm almost done with the new book by Jan Karon SOMEWHERE SAFE WITH SOMEBODY GOOD. Jan Karon is one of my favorite authors. I've read her entire Mitford series, her first book is entitled AT HOME IN MITFORD. This new book is the 10th in the series, and I've read them all. I'm getting sadder by the minute as I come to the end of the book. Oh no! It's almost over! I'm going to have to wait for her to write another book. It could take years! I've been waiting for THIS one for years.
Basically, it's the story of this endearing priest and all the citizens of the small town of Mitford, who you become well acquainted with over the course of the books. Father Timothy is so very lovable. This book was exactly the healing balm that I've needed for this period of my recovery: gentle, funny, full of wise words and actions, transformation and love. Though I'm sad this story is over, I'm glad to know there's more to come. Too many things were left unfinished. Thank you, Jan Karon, for being an enjoyable part of my healing process. I really needed it.