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Oak Glen 2014 - Livin' the Good Life

Nov. 6th, 2014

05:21 pm - Oak Glen 2014

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Maya and I went on our annual trip to Oak Glen yesterday. This is becoming a tradition for us and I've really enjoyed making it a priority  every autumn. Ollie is just at the age where he can appreciate an outing like this, which made it even more fun for us. Our first stop was Riley's Farm. There were apples and pears that had fallen off the trees and we gathered a few and tasted them. The weather was perfect! So clear and crisp.... but still warm enough that we didn't need to be bundled up.

Ollie and Maya harvested an apple from a tree with the apple picker that was handily lying under the tree.

Maya and Ollie picked some pretty red leaves to take home and preserve with beeswax.

Ollie is reaching in a hole in the tree and bringing out acorns. There was a whole pile of them in there!

You can see me in the background putting acorns I picked off the ground into a bag to bring home to Damian to process. Ollie is showing us one of the acorns he picked up, only this one was tiny and undeveloped. Pretty cute! (So is the acorn.) Ollie had so much fun on this trip. He was exceptionally enthusiastic and cooperative about everything we did. He was a pleasure to go on an adventure with. And at the end of the day, we had two big boxes of apples to bring home and split. Maya has gotten right with the making of applesauce, while we are merely eating ours. That's why she got a box and a half, and we just got a half box. It worked out perfectly for everyone. Such a lovely day out in nature, and I was sorry to leave. Goodbye Oak Glen! See you again next year! (This is, by the way, my first real outing since my surgery. It felt great to be able to do it. I felt like my old self..... though not quite. I still have a ways before I truly have my mojo back. But, I'm gettin' there.)


Date:November 9th, 2014 04:27 am (UTC)
That little Ollie! He has such a home-sweet-home kind of face. And don't you just love his hat!
So is that gorgeous house in the background the owners of this farm?

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Date:November 14th, 2014 02:41 am (UTC)
Maya knitted that hat. That house in the background is a restaurant. I don't know if it was the original owners' house. But, I can tell you they serve delicious chicken pot pies there! It's very old fashioned inside.
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