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Submit to a Magazine? - Livin' the Good Life

Mar. 2nd, 2007

03:12 pm - Submit to a Magazine?

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I friend of mine just sent me a few copies of a literary magazine called "The Sun" as an encouragement to submit some of my writings for publication. I have to admit that I was quite taken with the quality of writing and depth of subject matter, and I spent the better part of today reading my way through the many engaging articles and stories. I kept earmarking articles to read to Steve. I rarely get much out of reading interviews, but there was one with a Brazilian therapist/acting teacher/activist that had me on the edge of my seat! (He was brutally tortured over a long period of time in his country, and his view on "victims" and how to help them get past their victimization mindset was fascinating!) Anyway, after reading these magazines, I started thinking about my own writing. I love my live journal because I get to be me, with no apologies. I write exactly what I think, in a chatty, conversational style with lots of "asides", and I'm not sure I'd submit anything so informal to a magazine. The great thing about being old is that you know you can do whatever you want. (I've always done whatever I wanted, to be sure, but I used to do it quietly, so as not to offend anyone or get in trouble. Now I know that what I want to do is almost always good and worthwhile and people could benefit from hearing about it, so I'm not so quiet anymore.) When you are old, you are less interested in what other people think you should do. You are less interested in accepting assignments from other people and more interested in the assignments you give yourself. So, for now, I'll just wait until I give myself a writing assignment that I think "The Sun" would be interested in. In the meantime, I'll keep on having fun writing in this journal.


Date:March 8th, 2007 02:59 am (UTC)

You have a lot to say and you say it beautifully and from the heart - it should be heard...Lynne
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